अभिनंदन ग्रंथ - (इंग्रजी लेख)-१३

Mr. Chavan has often displayed courage of his convictions, and I hope he will not flinch from occasionally revising his former opinions, even if publicly expressed, if new or unexpected circum­stances call for such revision. To adhere to a policy even when it has been patently proved to be wrong is as unworthy of a real statesman as for him to trim his sails to every passing breeze of public opinion. When one is in opposition, one often holds opinions based on mere theory, but these occasionally prove deceptive in actual practice. A readiness to revise one’s opinions on proper cause shown is one of the principal charac­teristics of a real statesman. To take an illus­tration, I would like Mr. Chavan to consider in a dispassionate manner the present policy of Pro­hibition and to judge whether the theoretical merits of Prohibition are not more than counter­balanced by the increase in illicit distillation, or by encouraging many to participate secretly in liquor traffic, or by familiarizing even women and children with this harmful stuff, or by fostering contempt for law in the general public, or lastly by the growing demoralisation of the Police service.

Maharashtra wants Mr. Chavan’s services for many a long year, and I sincerely hope that he will continue to guide its destinies even if more glittering prospects are open to him. Finally I would like to add a word of advice to his many admirers. A man has only a limited amount of physical energy; it is to his country's benefit that it should be expended only on matters of prime importance and not be frittered away on com­paratively trifling objects. It is natural that people should want him to be among them for ceremonial occasions of all kinds. But they should remember that he has a very heavy task to perform. The public should, therefore, save him from needlessly taxing his energy by too many invitations of this kind. This humble sug­gestion of mine has equal application in the case of several other prominent personalities in India whose time is now being taken up by matters of minor importance.

"Independently and separately, we have no existence; and all our strength only derives from the fact of belonging to the one nation that is India."

—Shri Y. B. Chavan