अभिनंदन ग्रंथ - (इंग्रजी लेख)- ९८

He also made his Ministerial colleagues and the leaders in the organization to squat in the same way and to give the same respectful attention to all the criticism that was levelled against them and the administration and the organisation at that Shibir. It was an inspiring sight and it could not fail to move even the worst of the sceptics. Furthermore, the programme which Chavan formulated electrified the people of Maharashtra; it was "an earnest of our determina­tion to shape the future of Maharashtra".

The missionary zeal that he displayed there was an indication of the seriousness with which he has taken up his new responsibility. One night while working on the draft programme he did not sleep the whole night and went to rest at about 6 in the morning; but by 8 a.m. he was again up and ready to join the congregation and to listen to the speeches that were being made there. A man with a mission; a man with a vision; a man with a determination: that in brief is Yeshwantrao Chavan. Maharashtra is fortunate in having him at its helm of affairs as is India in having Nehru. There are many things in common between the two but their mass appeal, sincerity of purposes, and honesty of outlook are unmistakable.

"Co-operation is about the only way to make an investor of an agriculturist. It breaks down the barrier between rural and urban values and acts as a leveller. Further, the co-operative organisation ensures the distribution of increased income over the widest possible area, thus truly serving the purpose of the socialist pattern of society."

— Shri Y. B. Chavan