अभिनंदन ग्रंथ - (इंग्रजी लेख)-2

Young Yeshwantrao has played a great though anonymous part—which therefore is the more praiseworthy—in the Freedom struggle. He had undergone the rigours and uncertainties of even underground existence, with a price of his head. Friends recognised his sterling qualities; and he filled with distinction many offices in Congress Committees. He was of the comparatively early age of only 32 when he first came to the Legisla­tive Assembly of Bombay, and immediately after­wards served the State and its Government as Parliamentary Secretary. Apart from politics and administration, he has had good and valuable experience of law and journalism as well. He has always been fond of physical exercises and general reading. In this, he is a great exception to the general run of our people. That has very rightly helped him to keep a sound mind in a sound body, a high ideal for which all should aspire and which unfortunately not many do. All that certainly makes him a full man; and his un­failing humour keeps him cheerful even in the most difficult moments, and is so catching that colleagues shed their despondency in his presence, and get encouraged to do their best in public service.

Personally, I have been very greatly struck by the Chief Minister's sympathy for and under­standing of men and affairs; his tact and cour­tesy that disarm opposition ; his earnest desire to serve his fellowmen to the best of his capa­city ; and his success in keeping, despite his busy pre-occupations, close and constant touch with all manner of men. All these great qualities deserved­ly make him a most lovable figure on the political stage of Maharashtra. We here are indeed happy that our affairs are in such worthy and puissant hands; and we feel safe when we find him at the head of the Government of our State. He is naturally in great demand everywhere ; and it is truly amazing how he is able to keep in touch with everyone ; to attend endless social and public functions ; to dispose off promptly the innumer­able administrative details that continue to come to him all the time, and to keep ever smiling over it all. He sizes up situations and comes to deci­sions quickly ; and so never leaves people waiting or in doubt.