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अभिनंदन ग्रंथ - (इंग्रजी लेख)-७

SHRI CHAVAN STANDS OUT very prominently as a young leader who made his mark with a meteoric rise in his home State. Son of a farmer, a bright student, always studious, he is perhaps the youngest of our Chief Ministers in India today. His remarkable quality to handle tough situations was called in evidence many a time during his stewardship of the bigger bilingual State of Bombay and will be his great asset in the formid­able tasks that await him in builiding up the new State of Maharashtra.

I wish him a very long life of service to his State and to the Country.

Chief Minister,

I AM EXTREMELY HAPPY to send my best wishes to the venture to celebrate the 48th birth­day of Shri Yeshwantrao Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The very fact, that such an idea has been thought of by a representative committee, indicates how the services of Shri Chavan to the new-born State of Maharashtra have been recog­nised by the vast majority of the people of that State. Shri Chavan is one of the patriotic ser­vants of India who is sure to distinguish himself further in the cause of the motherland by dedi­cated service.

The publication of a souvenir in connection with the celebrations is also quite appropriate.

I wish both the celebrations and the souvenir every success.

Chief Minister,
Kerala State.

I AM VERY HAPPY to know that the 48th birth day of Shri Yeshwantrao Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, would be celebrated at Nagpur on the 12th March 1961. I join the millions of Indians in wishing many more happy returns of this day to my esteemed friend, Shri Yeshwantrao Chavan, and hope that the souvenir proposed to be published on this occasion will not only give a comprehensive assessment of his charming per­sonality and his unforgettable services to the country, but also serve to inspire the younger generation in the service of India.

I send my hearty greetings to the organisers of the function and wish them every success.

Chief Minister,
Mysore State.